Double Doc Farms Cattle Company

New to the world of prop cattle are the DDF cattle!  More will hopefully be introduced on a bi-yearly basis.  Runs will be of variable size, depending on demand.  We are hoping to eventually have a full line of cattle in all scales for the model stock-horse.  All sculpted by Dora Reeves.

Running Brahma/Beef calf:

This calf is meant to be a Brahma/Beef cow cross, and as such his color and pattern choices are virtually unlimited!  Cast on a base by Mountain View Studios with wire reinforced weight-bearing leg and tail, he is very sturdy.  Unpainted resins are cleaned, but not prepped. I've saved the earlier and cleaner molds to sell unpainted and have used the later ones for my customizing and painting (added the details back in!)  50 cast.  Still available.

Unpainted:  $45.00
Painted:  $80.00 for standard with white, $85 for wild patterns!
Ear tags available on request.

Next mold in the works: Running heifer for Pebbles and Paddock Pals.  Looking cute.  Also roughed out is a running roping calf.  Hopefully ready summer 2005

Painted Calves Available

White markings can be added or altered per buyers request.  All have bi-colored eyes.

Painted Calves Gallery

Customized steer with horns for a roping steer.Very cute.$55 unpainted or $90.00 painted your choice.Ready to go.

Brown and White spotted.

White markings still in the works.

Very nice brown color.

$80.00 until finished

Dark Grulla/Black colored Brindle

Great for darker horses

Nice variation on plain old black


Beautiful Tan Brindle.


Has ear tag (currently white, but will be painted your choice of color with number.


Grey Murray calf
Prepped, but not painted yet.  LMK if you are interested.

$45.00 15 available of 50

Roping Steer 
Damaged one I added white markings to. 
$120.00 - 

To order, email DDF Cattle Co. or call 509-322-4304 or write to:
Dora Reeves
1155 Pro. Mall Blvd #418
Pullman, WA  99163