Art Work

All art work on this page is done by myself, Dora Reeves (except for the one on the bottom).  Images are not to be copied or used anywhere else without my permission.  There are Several more pieces of work out there, including some acrylic paintings, but some are too large to scan and I will have to take photos of them someday.

I'm currently working on a sculpture which is a portrait of a mule I ride.  This sculpture was started at Lynn Fraley's "From Wire To Whinny" Workshop in Feb 2002.  To see pics of the workshop and the progression of my mule, visit Billy Bob's Portrait Page.

QH head, Feb 2001                                   QH head, Nov, 1999
Love the eyes on the first QH!

               QH Foal, Nov 1999  (his back's too long!)          This is Charlie Horse, he was done during a college class in 1998

Arab, done in Nov 1998.  It scanned so differently each time I put both in.  It is actually like the on the left but I like the charcoal look of the second.  It had a matting on it which affected the way it scanned.

This outfit was one I sketched as plans for making my Dayton Days Rodeo Queen outfit.  I didn't end up using it but I thought the sketch turned out well so I included it.  I may use it yet, if white ever comes back in the showring, or for my model horse doll riders someday.   Jan 1997


I didn't do this one but I really love this sketch.  I don't know who it's by, where I found this image or anything, but I  want a print of it very badly!  I found one a few years ago but I didn't have the $400.00 for the professionally framed, 18x30" version.  It was so cute though, the frame had dried flowers in it.  It doesn't have the checkered effect in real life.