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Accessories and Misc.

"Sports Medicine Boots" (high quality suede with sticky glue closure) Hind boots are slightly taller than the front.  Backs can have a black wear pad on the botton of the fetlock to help protect the joint when sliding.  Just ask:  $12.00 for pair  or $22.00 for a set of four  Set shown in photo to right.

Bell Boots:  in colors to match boots above $6.00 pr  Shown in photo to right.

Combo Boots:  SMB style boot with bell boot attached. Often seen on SMB ads.  Can be used for roping, barrel racing, pole bending, other games, reining, etc.  A little less flexible as far as switching between models, but can still fit a variety.  Only used on the front legs, not the back. $18.00 pair.

Open Front Jumping Boots:  two - four buckle straps, wear pad, etc.  $18.00 pr  Can have fake buckles with sticky glue for easier attachment as shown in pic.

Skid Boots:  for horse's hind fetlocks: Can have fake buckles with sticky glue for easier attachment, or slip buckles. $16.00 pr (pic shows boots with natural wear pads which can be made in black or another color.  Also shows fake buckles, which are actually D-rings and sticky glue.  Has leather keepers.) 

*Cinch Covers:  felt or suede, pick cinch type and colors: 
Normal Straight western or english cinch
felt: $5.00  Suede: $6.00
Roping or Contoured Cinches
felt: $6.00  Suede  $8:00

Lunge Line:  2 ft long lunge line, chain option, etched snap, silver snap or buckle end, hand loop.  Specify leather or ribbon.  Leather:  $8.00 add $3.00 for silver buckle or snap, or chain end.  Ribbon: $5.00 (etched end)

Lunging Surcingle:  attachment for side reins, blankets, training harness etc.:  $25.00

*Lunging Caveson:  for "proper" lunging, several lung line attachment places, padded noseband, browband:  $20.00

*Side Reins:  for lunging with a saddle or surcingle.  Great for showing Draft horses too:  $10.00 pr.

*Gymkhana Surcingle:  Handles and attachments for vaulting:  $16.00

Tie Downs/Martingales
Western tie down with headstall, noseband, strap (to girth):  $15.00 
Running Martingale, ring around reins to breast collar (English or Western) Buckle adjustment: $6.00 
Standing Martingale (attaches to noseband then to breastcollar):  $6.00 
Racing Y adds a cool touch to a racing setup (solid center):  $8.00 

Hand Twisted Lariat: (shown right with square skirted saddle) Waxed linen looks amazingly like real rawhide.  18 inch rope has leather bound hondo for better wear and popper end.  $18.00  For removable saddle attachment, add $2.00

Show Hobbles and Lariat: leather lariat in rolled and flat leather for show use in trail or arabian western classes.  Also, hobble of rolled leather.  Both items have silver accents and beads.  Also can be made out of nice braided cording.
Lariat: $20.00  Hobbles: $15.00

Misc. Halters and Bridles.

*Halter/Bridle Combo:  Great for trail rides and endurance:  $25.00

*Draft Show Bridle:  Bridle with special cast snaffle:  $30.00